The Apu Group creates high-performing internal business communities and provides the supporting processes and systems that empower and inspire organizations. Our proven methods reorganize the structure of your business to use your employees' talents and your company’s assets in the most efficient way.

Our unique Contracted Leadership approach helps companies realize their full capacity, taking them beyond their current situation today to the company they envision in the future.

- The Apu Group


 Is it right for you?


Through Contracted Leadership, The Apu Group becomes a successful advocate for your business. This is where the rubber meets the road.

Time for Change?


The Apu Group leads organizations through a number of organizational development initiatives, whether the change is due to mergers, acquisitions, a leadership change or simply dynamic organic growth. Whatever the reason, we can guide you through. Let us develop your vision.

What is the Future?


Contrary to conventional thought, Human Resources is neither simply a stagnant process nor system; it is your business partner. Our approach will allow you to break out of your current HR rut and design an innovative program that fits your needs. We will be your resource for success.

Engineering Habits?


It is The Apu Group’s philosophy that processes and systems create positive habits within an organization when approached with the right strategy — out with the old and in with the new.