Bruce Holoubek

Bruce Holoubek – An Evolutionary

As President of The Apu Group and over his career, Bruce has amassed an impressive list of professional accomplishments, achievements, and degrees. But what matters to him most is the backstory and the defining moments that make up the backstory. Once he’s equipped with an understanding of those moments, Bruce works quickly to implement it in opening doors to an organization’s future.


Bruce’s defining moments began early on. He grew up on his family’s 120 head hobby beef farm and logged peeled popple (aspen) for extra money and to help pay his way through school. It was hard work and certain fundamentals to success started becoming evident.

Bruce finished his undergraduate academic life with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Superior with emphases in Business, Psychology, Biology, and Chemistry. His vision was to uniquely unify the fundamentals, ethics, and philosophy learned early on in his life as well as the education he received into one exciting venture. The origins of what would become The Apu Group developed.

Bruce earned an MBA while engaged in a 50+hr/week role with a one hour one-way commute and another part-time engagement. During that time, the vision became very clear. His purpose was to make a difference in people’s lives, instilling through Leadership the fundamentals of AWARENESS, ACCOUNTABILITY, INITIATIVE, and CLARITY.

As a business professional and leader, he continued to unify his ongoing quest for learning new roles in varied industries and around diverse groups of people through short-term engagements – what rapidly became the model of Contracted Leadership. He is passionate about this approach to dual development and change…he believes in the success of it…and it shows!

Bruce is also an accomplished professional speaker. He has an engaging and interactive approach that pulls the audience in and makes them feel as though he is communicating with them personally. He has spoken on topics ranging from culture shifting a business to “call-to-action” presentations for humanitarian purposes. Most people dread the idea of public speaking. Not Bruce. He lives for the opportunity to address large groups…for the opportunity to challenge, influence and unite people…and it shows!

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