Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek

Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek – Empowered Entrepreneur

Coreyne’s first foray into entrepreneurship was selling combs to cowboys and ranch-hands for 10 cents during horseshows. Her first “real” job, at the age of 11, was sorting coupons and copying advertisements at Woodman’s Food Markets. Being part of her family business instilled a solid work ethic, extraordinary drive and determination into Coreyne’s character.

Focusing her educational career on International Business and Spanish Linguistics, after graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Coreyne moved to Europe to attend university in the famous town of Brighton, England. In Europe, her appetite for learning about different cultures and vast international travel resulted in a genuine interest of how people can be happy at work. She went on to work with a number of international businesses that focused their Human Resource departments on areas centered on employee’s engagement at work. Her experience in programming includes, but not limited to: knowledge transfer and accelerated learning as well as performance management and engagement, international business processes and people development.


Make your business community a better place. Engage Coreyne.

Today she is the co-founder of The Apu Group, leading the Organizational Development and Human Resource side of the business. Coreyne specializes in developing programing solutions, tied to business objectives to improve the quality of work life and organizational communication. Companies that focus Human Resource policies and Organizational Development on these areas are more efficient, effective and productive. Leaders seeking to improve employee happiness, mutual trust and an atmosphere where development and individualism are honored can push forward with amazing results.

Coreyne believes that beginning with that first kernel of an idea, people hold an unmatched potential. She continues to be guided by her conviction that if each person earned a living doing what he or she truly enjoys, the world would be a better place.

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