2017 speakers will be announced soon. 


"Disrupt Madison was a fun and exhilarating event! The presentations were well orchestrated and engaging, and the fast pace made it particularly exciting.  I left feeling energized and excited to make change in our industry."

Ashley Powell, Business Development Manager, Bendyworks


"The venue was perfect, and even though I had to get going pretty soon after the speakers were done, I actually, did more networking in those 20 minutes than I do at most week-long conferences."  

Allison Gamble, Manager, HR Technology, Cuna Mutual Group


"I was especially drawn by the inclusive, forward-thinking and refreshing nature of the DisruptHR Madison event (hosted in a relaxed and creative setting). Tapping the generous spirit of the diverse, impassioned professionals sharing their ideas and discoveries on the future of talent and the world of work – I left energized and recommitted to lead and collaborate from a place of service.

A BIG THANKS to the event co-organizers, Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek and Laura Gmeinder, for so graciously holding the space for us!"

Hollie Hollister, Founder and Owner of H Cubed Group, LLC


“I’ve been following DisruptHR since it started in Ohio, and I’m so happy that Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek and Laura Gmeinder started a Madison event! It’s a great time of fast, engaging presentations that cover so many topics! Love the presentations and meeting people afterward is fantastic”. 

Bentley Wolfe, Founder, We.Engage LLC


June 7, 2017

High Noon Saloon
701A E Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53703

Disruption: 5:30 to 8 p.m.
After Party Speaker meet & greet: 8 to 9 p.m. 

Tickets coming soon!

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Event Organizers: