Organizational Development

We believe with cognitive diversity comes innovation. Embracing this approach leads directly to building inspired communities that deliver high customer value and, more importantly, results. We have seen organizations lose out on opportunities because they did not recognize and leverage the talent and skills found in their own employees, and we know it’s a preventable mistake. We explore employees’ full potential, embrace their value and create internal teams so employees rise together, not simply as individuals.

But to do this you need to foster talent and attract it. We use customized recruitment and selection processes to attract the top talent to your organization. We create employee engagement through competitive wage and compensation initiatives, succession planning, career-pathing, engagement programs and recognition systems. Our approach empowers and inspires your employees to create the sustainability you are looking for. This includes; but not limited to:

  • TAG PAD™ Performance Management
  • 360 Feedback initiative
  • Wage and compensation systems
  • Xytefactor™ Engagement Survey
  • Appreciation and Gratitude Program
  • TAG Recruitment and Selection Process

  The Apu Group are contracted leaders, not simply consultants. They embed themselves in your organization and therefore they can identify areas for change, work with staff to create solutions to fix the gaps together, building camaraderie and trust.