We are here to start an evolution.

The Apu Group is a collaborative of executive leaders who are experts in their fields. Bruce Holoubek and Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek founded the company, and bring extensive experience in regulated and non-regulated industry to the table. They curate a team of professionals based upon your unique needs. This ensures that the breadth and depth of experience is there when you need it. The beauty of The Apu Group is that even though you may only have one representative working within your organization, you reap the benefits of our entire team of professionals.

You might be wondering where our name came from. Apu, pronounced ah-poo, is the name of the powerful mountain spirits of the Andean peoples of Bolivia and Peru. The ancient civilizations of these countries, commonly referred to as Inca, built their communities next to Apu for guidance and protection.

During travels to South America, Bruce and Coreyne discovered that there were many connections between their business philosophy and the power in the Apu spirit. Upon experiencing the spiritual and holistic interconnectivity of the Andean culture and belief system, a company was born. Bruce and Coreyne partnered and combined their separate businesses to form The Apu Group.

Their vision

To partner with organizations to create sustainable, higher-performing business communities that meet today and tomorrow’s goals.

Their goal

To change the world, one company at a time.

  The Apu Group are contracted leaders, not simply consultants. They embed themselves in your organization and therefore they can identify areas for change, work with staff to create solutions to fix the gaps together, building camaraderie and trust.